Our principles

  • We always put the client’s interests above everything else. Our success stems from the success of our clients and always depends on the quality of our services.
  • We do not aim to be the largest, we strive to be the best. ACG work philosophy assumes that quality, creativity and professionalism should accompany every action, regardless of the number and complexity of the projects we are working on.
  • We strive to attract the most ingenious and ambitious professionals, and provide them with the most comfortable working conditions, professional growth and social environment within the company. Only creative and resourceful people can create the best company.
  • While maintaining a comfortable working environment and providing high remuneration to all our employees, we expect maximum commitment from them when working on projects. Simultaneously, we manage to motivate our staff to push themselves to achieve the best possible results.
  • In collaboration with our customers, we consistently build long-lasting relationships, based on mutual trust, loyalty and integrity. We do believe that the only way to earn clients’ trust is via honest and professional approach to our work, as well as continuous feedback and effective interaction.
  • In our quest to become the industry leader, we demonstrate certain boldness, while certainly adhering to the highest corporate and social ethical standards. Nevertheless, we strive to maintain respectful attitude towards our competitors.