Unlike a number of our peers, we do believe that analysts are one of the most important elements of hierarchy of any investment bank. Sound analytical skills and strong teamwork skills, self-discipline and aptitude for learning, responsible attitude towards the final result and constant strive for personal growth are the key to mastering an investment banking career.

Usually, it takes roughly three years to grow from an analyst to an associate. Longstanding investment banking experience confirms that this timespan is optimal for the immersion into the basics of the profession and forming a firm understanding of all the aspects involved in the job. However, while providing favorable conditions for professional growth, we highly appreciate and encourage each and every analyst to accelerate their career growth within Aquila Capital Group.

We select analysts from the pool of recent graduates of the Russian universities. Furthermore, Aquila Capital Group provides an opportunity for the most aspiring recent graduates or students to do a six-week internship in our company. The main goal of the internship is to get our prospective job applicants acquainted with the company and its business approach. We are serious about our summer internship program, since it enables us to access whether prospective candidate is a good fit for a full-time analyst position in our company. Finally, at the end of the program an intern will be able to make an informed decision at the start of his career.

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