Associate position requires from a candidate to ensure high quality execution and implementation of such important elements of the project as preparation of presentations, investment memorandums as well as formulation of proposal to develop various sectors of economy, which, in turn, requires sufficient qualification and strongly developed analytical skills.

We reckon that having worked for two-three years as an associate, an employee fully reveals his capacity for project management and coordination of team resources to meet the targets. Once an associate established oneself as a capable team member, he is promoted to a Vice-President role.

Human resource development policy, employed by Aquila Capital Group, sets out an absolute priority of naturally promoting junior staff members within the company to an executive position of Vice President over hiring experienced professionals from the outside. As a matter of fact, there are no rules without exceptions, yet we are confident that the strategy of continuous and motivated growth within the company is the key to fostering long-term loyalty, bolstering team spirit and firm commitment to our corporate culture, achievement of the required close-knit relationship of staff members and, in turn, to creation of a powerful group of highly-qualified executives, tied by years of experience of working together and able to address any professional challenge.

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