Debt restructuring

Organic business growth is often seen as not economically optimal, since a company has to maintain high growth rate whereas simultaneously ensuring adequate return on investment. Apart from direct inflow of financial resources aimed to cover current and non-current business needs, debt financing enables a company to accelerate its growth prospects under the existing market conditions. However, there is often a case when a company that was overly optimistic about its growth faces excessive leverage and, as such, the need to restructure its debt.

Aquila Capital Group’s debt restructuring services include:

  • Evaluation of the situation in the company, its current and optimal leverage, as well as the need for additional financing.
  • Examination of various options of debt restructuring (debt rescheduling, debt conversion into equity, acquisition of debt at a discount by a new investor, etc.)
  • Assistance in carrying out negotiations with shareholders and creditors, as well as assistance in developing restructuring plan, approved by all parties involved.