Sell-side M&A advisory

We possess extensive expertise in organizing sale of companies, operating in various economic sectors, and have acted as a sell-side M&A advisor on the most competitive sale processes with a substantial number of financial and strategic investors from Russia and abroad.

 Decision to sell business

Oftentimes business owners face a dilemma of whether to continue growing their business or sell it to other investor. Sometimes already at this stage a company needs to hire a financial consultant, who is valuable to the client as being able to provide fair and impartial examination of the business, as well as assess all possible growth alternatives thus bringing an outside perspective on the company’s business prospects. This work, in fact, is aimed at helping the client to make an informed decision of whether to continue growing the enterprise or sell it.

Sale process approach

The key elements in organizing any asset’s sale transaction are determining potential buyers of a company, accurate valuation of the enterprise for both client and potential buyer, sound positioning of the company, as well as choice of an optimal sale option and sale strategy.

Sale options:

  • Open tender. Used when a target is well known to the market, there is a large number of potential buyers, and the transaction transparency is not detrimental to the business of the company. This form of the transaction involves the maximum number of potential buyers and a relatively short execution period.
  • Closed tender. Used when a seller seeks to limit the number of potential buyers that have access to confidential information about the business, while maintaining a competitive sale process.
  • Private sale. The process targets 2-3 most probable investors and minimizes disclosure of confidential information.
  • Exclusive sale. The sale process centers around a single acquirer. Under this approach there is no confidential information disclosure to a wide range of participants, yet, on the other hand, no competition for the asset and, as a result, no control over the timing of the sale process.