Samara reservoir plant

Picture10Samara Reservoir Plant is one of the largest Russian enterprises involved in the production of steel oil tanks for the oil industry. Plant project capacity is more than 30,000 tons of steel products per annum.

Decades of experience and modern production enable the company to consistently meet performance targets under the stiff market competition, thereby providing on-time supply of storage tanks to its customers. Furthermore, the company always strives to increase the range of services it provides. Superb product quality in line with reasonable prices have made Samara Reservoir Plant a favorable partner for a number of Russian and foreign customers.

Samara Reservoir Plant is equipped with modern high-performance machinery, able to produce reservoir tanks under both steel rolling and sheet-by-sheet methods. Apart from having an in-house design team, the company also collaborates with the leading Russian design institutes. Design and construction of the steel structures are carried out in line with the specifics of the manufacturing process, as well as in accordance with statutory and regulatory documents and customer requirements.

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