Aquila Capital Group is involved in international trading operations via its affiliated company Apogeo Limited. The core business activity of Apogeo Limited is oil products trading.

Apogeo Limited, in partnership with one of the leading international trading companies, is the exclusive commercial operator of oil products marine terminal Sibur-Portenergo, located in Ust-Luga (Saint-Petersburg) with an annual capacity of over 2.5 million tons.

We supply our clients with oil products, paying particular attention to effective logistics solutions at every stage of marine and rail shipping. The company is a reliable partner of one of the largest industrial groups in Europe and North America. We aspire to capitalize on our founders’ wide expertise in logistics, long standing relationship with core commodity producers and consumers, as well as their bespoke competencies in financial structuring and risk management practices.

We are constantly considering opportunities of expanding our market presence via the acquisition or construction of port and hinterland terminals together with our trading partners, as well as growing our business in new product categories (agricultural products, natural resources).

Trading and logistics proficiency and expertise accrued in Apogeo allow us to efficiently and professionally estimate prospects of the projects in the aformentioned business areas, as well as to raise financing required to realize them.